He was an inspiration, of sorts.

I’m so sad at the passing of Rush today at the ripe old age of 70. I’m so sad he didn’t die sooner. Because had he died at 69, he wouldn’t have been around to say Covid 19 was the common cold. …

Tonight’s Game Will Be Neither Super Nor Seen By Me

Tonight I will sleep well.

The game will be starting soon. The parties will be starting soon. The commercials will be starting soon. Someone will be singing the anthem and soon thereafter someone will be singing at halftime. Some call this Sunday in February, Super. I don’t. …

The Privilege Of Being Entitled Yet Feeling Aggrieved

What must it feel like to feel white?

I’ve visited the Capitol. My invitation didn’t quite require an act of Congress however it did require an act from a Congressman. How exciting it was for my family to leave our house in Atlanta to tour everyone’s house in DC.


If Black Lives, Reproductive Freedom And Voter Suppression Matter, Don’t Just Vote Biden and Harris To The White House, Vote Democrats To The Georgia State House

Marches, I’ve missed a few, but this November feels like a march to me.

I missed the Black Lives Matter marches in May but…

The vice president affirms my daughters’ dreams in ways no man can

One November night in 2008, I found myself with a house full of crying guests.

It’s not like the evening wasn’t festive. There was gumbo and chicken, cake and wine; we chatted and enjoyed each other’s company, even while we waited for the pivotal moment to arrive.

And then it…

For a single day, I needed that sense of security

A multiple exposure photo of a Black man.

I’m Black and 6'4" every day, and I’m 210 pounds most days.

Today I awoke with the single objective. Today I would not be Black. …

Despite Our Distance, That Day My Dad Taught Me A Lesson I’ll Never Forget

Yesterday would have been my dad’s birthday. I know because my mom told me so. I didn’t forget. I didn’t remember. I simply didn’t know. I’ve simply never known. I’ve never cared enough to know.


White privilege isn’t only the caramel and chocolate and cream and cherry on top, it’s also the vanilla underneath.

I can’t wait Till sundae.

I’ve been waiting for many a lifetime. I’d rather not wait for mine. It’s not that I don’t want the whole sundae. It sure looks tasty from afar. But for now, after Emmitt and Trayvon and Jordan and Tamir. After Botham and Atatiana. …

Will she grow up to be an angry black woman? God, I hope so!

I have three to 48 hours to write you a love letter.

I better think fast, write fast and edit a little because my daughter, your mother, is in labor. I’m going to be a grandfather — -your grandfather. …

When I see Biden hug those who would rather hang me, I question whether I can hang with him.

Appearances matter.

Somehow, after 50 years of public life, Joe Biden seemingly doesn’t understand this. Somehow after 50 years of public life, he seemingly believes he can publicly befriend…

Arnold Mays Ragas

A husband. A father. A former member of the Georgia House of Representatives. A former judge. Now, an indigent defense attorney winning unwinnable trials.

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